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Our ministry celebrates a total of two festivals throughout the year, which to us hold special significance. The festivals that we honour are detailed below together with their respective meanings to us and their dates.

St Georges Day 

See our section HERE on what Saint George means to us as a ministry. We celebrate this festival on the 23rd April.

Day of the Dead

This is a festival that originated in Mexico and is anything but macabre as it's name might suggest. It is a celebration of one's ancestors and is in effect a remembrance festival of those that have departed this realm. It is now celebrated in many parts of the world and in Mexico it is celebrated over three days. As a ministry we believe this festival is to pay homage to those that have departed that meant something to us in this life, be it animal or human. In our Temple shop we have an altar where you can leave messages for those that have passed away (both animal or human) and on the night of the 02nd November each year these messages are individually read out, duly prayed over and cremated by our minister and his wife (Chief Priest and Priestess). We celebrate this festival on the 02nd November.

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